About Robert Scanlon

Robert Scanlon is an experienced corporate consultant with over 16 years experience in the fields of:

  • Leadership;
  • Management Training and Development;
  • Generative Learning;
  • NLP and Adult Learning Applications;
  • Advanced Training Design;
  • Conference Design And Management;
  • Advanced Sales And Influence Skills; and
  • Advanced Training And Presentation Skills.

But what does this mean to you?

Guaranteed Results!

That’s right … anything less than total delight on your behalf and I’ll refund your money.

Need to talk to some of my other corporate clients to see if my claims are fair and true? Just ask me and I’ll furnish you with email addresses and phone numbers.

Looking for something a bit more personal?

Yes that’s me above in the South of France. (I’ll send you the whole photo if you doubt the authenticity!)

I didn’t get there through luck.

I got there by learning, consolidating and applying the foundational and transformational personal development techniques – such as those in my popular course “Instant Self Esteem“.

But I didn’t just learn them.

I have spent the last 16 years and countless thousands of $$$ of my own money studying and gaining my own qualifications to teach this material.

I have also had a successful Corporate Management Training and Consulting business since 1991, developing these development techniques inside the realm of business.

I have a University Degree in Pure Chemistry from Nottingham University in the UK (which quite frankly, apart from keeping my scientific curiosity alive, was not in the slightest bit as useful as the techniques in “Instant Self Esteem“).

I am also a:

  • NLP Trainer (NeuroLinguistic Programming)
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Practitioner of NLP

And I love to read … and read … and read.

My colleagues tell me that one of my unique skills is to learn about new concepts and quickly digest them, then turn them into practical tools.

Which brings me to a particular point: Many self help ‘gurus’ can tell you all the ‘stuff’ to do. In fact they are often full of ‘what to do’.

But they have very little practical ‘how-to-do-it’ application to their concepts and theories.

And that is where I come in!

Not only can I make concepts useful to you, distilling them down into easy to understand practical techniques … I’ve used them on myself.

Let me digress for a moment.

I can remember a time living in London, unemployed on welfare benefits.

I was single then, but I had a cat.

I was very depressed … to the point of inactivity.

I had only £1 in my pocket … two days until the next welfare check … no food in the house and a very hungry cat.

An intelligent guy, supposedly capable — with a University Degree — and he can’t even feed his cat? What would you do?

There comes a time when you hit rock bottom — maybe you too have known that — and you make a decision to turn your life around there and then.

I have to say, that this is not the only time this has happened to me, but I am not going to bore you with all my ups and downs on this page, because this website is dedicated to you.

I have however, been chased by debt collectors for substantial amounts of money , been through a divorce, lost all my real estate TWICE then got it all back again and more … so along the way I had had plenty of opportunity to learn.

You don’t need to spend all your life trying to figure it out like I did — thanks to the internet, people like me can share the secrets of what is now my profession and save you a great deal of time and money.

Hope you enjoyed that thumbnail sketch of Robert Scanlon!

PS. I fed the cat and subsequently became happily married again.