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Internet Marketing: If You Have An Online Business, Or Want To Have A Successful Online Business, Then Here Are My Internet "Must Haves"!

Internet Marketing Software and Services to save you money, help you make money and most of all, save you thousands of hours of your most precious resource ... TIME!

star Internet Marketing
The Best Internet Marketing Course around! Over a thousand pages of detailed instruction plus plenty of great bonus video/audio material. Probably the original "Internet marketing course" and now in it's 2007 form.
Internet Marketing in step-by-step exacting detail (and it's cheap compared to the high-priced BS that's out there!)

starKeyword Research
You must know your market -- and the actual words it uses -- intimately.
Spy on competitor ads and the keywords they bid on! Research 10,000s of keyword phrases. This is what the top marketers do that most don't -- with this software you can save time and money!
You won't believe how quickly you'll fine tune your keyword strategy. An internet marketer's dream tool!

Now you can take the basic research that you discovered above and plug it into this keyword analyzer. Find out real niches in your market -- or discover new markets completely with this great keyword tool that literally does all the work for you!
The original keyword researcher and analyzer -- discover your "long tail" here!

starKeyword Discovery
This is another keyword analysis tool - similar to the one above, only this one has a larger pool of data over a long period of time -- great for high volume products or catalog type research.
Go analyze huge keyword databases for new niches!

starSearch Engine Optimization 1
You'll need to make sure your site is structured correctly - but how do you keep up with all the trends and make sure your valuable pages have your key phrases in the best performing places? This software will do it for you, analyzing every link, word and page with an incredible feature called "Page Critic". I've been using this software since the year 2000 and I've personally saved $1,000s on SEO fees, as well as achieving No.1 positions in Google!
Make sure YOUR site is set up exactly as the search engines "prefer" - and keep up to date with all the changes. FREE Trial!

starSearch Engine Optimization 2
Now that your site is set up correctly using SEO1 above, then you have to make sure you're getting quality links in and shadow your competitor's every move! This software virtually does it for you...
Optimize your website and spy on how your competition is doing it -- then copy them!

starAmazing Product Launch Formula
Yikes! I wish I had known about this a few years ago. Get the low-down on exactly how the "gurus" create so much positive excitement about their new products -- then follow it step-by-step with this awesome product. A must have, even if you don't have a product or even if you have an old, tired product - you'd be shocked by what people have RE-launched using this formula! (Warning -- it's not cheap, but I suspect you'll make your money back and then some in the first 2 hours of your launch!)
Make your product, service or site launch with an almighty SPLASH!

starLink Building
Save yourself heaps of time and effort by semi-automating your directory submissions to get one-way links back in. One of the quickest ways to get your site indexed in the major search engines and you won't be seen as a spammer. Allows variations in link text, urls, descriptions. Directory database is frequently updated -- best of all, you can get the standard version FREE! A no-brainer.
Build one-way high page rank links into your site, FAST!

starWeb Hosting
Always a tricky one as there are sooo many. I use a couple of web hosts, this is the one I've used the longest (for over 5 years) and I'm pretty happy with them. Main advantage is a huge, open and honest and thriving customer forum where almost any question gets answered very quickly.
Affordable, powerful web hosting with tons of free installable features

starDomain Hosting
Only around $8 year, I've got over 20 domains hosted here alone, good control panel too.

starOnline Autoresponder
Essential for any online business that has or wants to have customers -- an automated, "set and forget" method for contacting your customers and potential customers -- even while you're asleep! Send out free reports; help and support documents; sales brochures; mini-courses; FAQs -- and what is more, they look like you personally wrote each and every one of them! this place has the market-leading system used by early all the most successful online marketers.
Email Marketing AutoResponder

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Good Luck!